Daniel Baryon

Today on The Response, we’ve brought on Daniel Baryon, an anarchist and organizer who runs the Youtube channel Anark.

When we talk about horizontal power structures, for example in the context of grassroots mutual aid response, we’re talking about a concept situated within a very specific theoretical framework. Likewise, when we explore the concepts of “prefiguring” the new world within the old — practicing solidarity and mutual aid— for example, we’re also talking about concepts that have unique theoretical underpinnings. Perhaps, then, it could be helpful to explore the theories behind the themes that we talk about on this show a bit more, to help ground and place ourselves within historical traditions that stretch to the present.

This is what we’re planning on doing in this new, ongoing series on theory. We’re keeping it casual for now, so just expect to see a few episodes here and there in the coming months, but our first dive into the theory framing will be today’s episode on anarchism.

Specifically, we’ll explore what anarchism is and isn’t; how many of the themes of this show — things like disaster collectivism and mutual aid — come out of anarchist theory and practice; we’ll give some examples of anarchism in action; and explore what we can learn from this rich and beautiful tradition in terms of radical transformation and revolution in our modern world.



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