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Near Me, which enables anyone to create their own sharing platform, is also a valuable resource hub with a blog and podcast about the collaborative economy. The popular Near Me podcast, hosted by Near Me’s Kevin Cohen, features thought leaders, pioneers, and movers and shakers of the collaborative movement. Here are their top 10 podcasts, including one with Shareable’s co-founder Neal Gorenflo.

1. The Analyst: Jeremiah Owyang, Crowd Companies
As the founder of Crowd Companies, an innovation council that teaches big brands about the collaborative economy, Jeremiah Owyang has an interesting perspective on the sharing movement. He talks with Cohen about the rise and evolution of the collaborative economy, the reasons people are drawn to it, the famous Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2.0 infographic, and writing blog posts at 4 a.m.

2. Empowering Marketplaces: Michelle Regner, CEO of Near Me
As the founder of Near Me, Michelle Regner has an insider’s view of the growing number of sharing platforms. In this podcast, she discusses how Near Me was created, how the service has helped grow the collaborative economy, some of her personal lessons and inspirations, and how Near Me has become a resource hub for the collaborative economy.

3. Pop-up Shop, Bam!: Tristan Pollock, Co-founder of Storefront
Pop-up shops are all the rage. Storefront enables retailers to test ideas without being locked into a longterm lease, and shoppers can enjoy being part of a unique, temporary experience. Storefront facilitates pop-up shops so retailers don’t have to deal with all the paperwork normally involved with leasing retail space. Here, Storefront co-founder Tristan Pollock discusses his path as a serial entrepreneur, the growth of Storefront, and his favorite sharing economy apps.

4. Watch out, Hertz: Cory Jones, VP of marketing, Flightcar
Flightcar is a platform that lets people parking at the airport rent out their idle vehicles. In this podcast, Cory Jones, VP of marketing, discusses finding users on both the supply and demand side of the equation, marketplace trends, and delivering on the service experience.

5. Ship Ahoy!: Craig Battin, Former head of marketing, Boatbound
The first “the fully insured ‘pier-to-pier’ boat rental marketplace,” Boatbound has a goal of making boating more accessible to everyone. In this podcast, Craig Battin, former head of marketing at Boatbound, discusses the abundance of sharing marketplaces, the relationship between marketing and technology, and the importance of putting people first.

6. Governments and the Sharing Economy: April Rinne
A “joyful globetrotter” who has visited 87-plus countries, April Rinne is an advisor, guide and thought leader in the sharing economy. She works at the intersection of the public sector, the private sector and the social sector. Here, she talks with Cohen and his co-host Angela Baldwin about building markets that work for more people, how sharing platforms can create more resilient cities, and using Airbnb in Rwanda.

7. Shareable: the Reason Why: Neal Gorenflo, Co-founder of Shareable
In 2004, Shareable’s co-founder Neal Gorenflo had a life-changing moment. While on an overseas business trip, he saw his career and life with a clear perspective and knew he wasn’t living the way he wanted. He left his high-paying corporate job to start a life and career based on sharing. Here, Gorenflo talks with Cohen about building community around sharing, the future of blockchain in creating equitable sharing platforms, the Sharing Cities Network, and helping people achieve their purpose.

8. Break Outside the Diner: Noah Karesh, Feastly
Feastly is a peer to peer platform that “connects adventurous diners, passionate community members, and tasteful food enthusiasts for unique food experiences.” Here, co-founder Noah Karesh discusses a home-cooked Guatemalan meal that was the inspiration for Feastly, the explosion of sharing platforms, and the irony of someone having 5,000 Facebook friends but eating alone.

9. The Sharing Economy Professor: Arun Sundararajan
A professor and NEC Faculty Fellow at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Arun Sundararajan is one of the leading voices of the collaborative economy. His research involves work in the governance of digital spaces, collaborative consumption, social media in cities, and more. Here, he discusses digital disruption, what causes people to trust each other, creating culture in a peer-to-peer marketplace, and how the collaborative economy lowers the barriers to entrepreneurship.

10. Give and Get Free Stuff with Listia: Gee Chuang, the CEO & Co-founder of Listia
Listia is peer-to-peer marketplace for trading new and used goods, Listia has millions of members who have traded over a 100 million items so far. Here, Listia CEO and co-founder Gee Chuang talks with Cohen about the origins of the platform, where he turns for inspiration when things get difficult, acquiring users, and the vision to create a marketplace where you can easily exchange things you don’t need anymore for those that you do need.


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