But Next Time: "From the Ashes"

On this week’s episode of Shareable’s The Response podcast, we’re continuing to delve into community-rooted responses to disasters in California, from the fires to the pandemic with “From the Ashes,” part two of BUT NEXT TIME, a limited-run podcast that spotlights powerful stories of community-led disaster prevention and recovery

Following climate-fueled wildfires and the pandemic, people banded together to build mutual aid networks, translate emergency messages in Spanish and indigenous languages, and disseminate crucial recovery information to their communities. In Sonoma County organizers hit the fields with information about where to get food, shelter, and support. In San Francisco, they set up a strong response to COVID-19 in the city’s Mission District.

Tune in to hear how these leaders act collectively to confront those in power, work for justice before and after disaster, and together answer one vital question: how can next time be different?

You can listen to “From the Ashes” on The Response where ever you get your podcasts.

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To learn more about the people and organizations featured in But Next Time please visit www.butnexttime.com where you’ll find resources for disaster preparation and recovery, housing justice organizing, climate justice work, and more. Listen to Episode Three of But Next Time: Higher Ground

If you would like to hear another story about how data is being tracked and utilized to increase support for marginalized communities, check out the interview I conducted with Theresa Williamson back in season 3 for our episode: “Crowdsourcing data to fight the pandemic in Rio’s favelas.”

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