The Response Podcast "But Next Time: Rising Waters"

The Response podcast is currently between seasons so we’ve been partnering with the Rise-Home Stories Project to feature all four episodes of BUT NEXT TIME, a limited-run podcast that spotlights powerful stories of community-led disaster prevention and recovery.

Today we’re publishing part three: “Rising Waters”.

In this episode, we meet activist-parents who are fighting to save their families’ homes despite a perfect storm of greedy landlords and hurricane-related flooding.

Along the way, they connect with leaders in Puerto Rico who have also been resisting and rebuilding in the wake of ongoing disaster.

Whether they’re educating their communities, building back power grids, or bringing their fight to the courtroom, these community leaders are working together to shape the healthier future we all deserve.

Listen in to hear their stories as they work tirelessly to ensure that next time will be different.

You can listen to “Rising Waters” on The Response right here (or where ever you get your podcasts).

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To learn more about the people and organizations featured in this episode, visit where you’ll also find resources for disaster preparation and recovery, housing justice organizing, climate justice work, and more.

To go deeper into some of the ongoing mutual aid projects in Puerto Rico that emerged following Hurricane Maria, our award-winning documentary film, “The Response: How Puerto Ricans Are Restoring Power to the People,” is now available on YouTube with Spanish, French, and Portuguese subtitles (in addition to the original version in English).

And if you’re interested in hosting a screening of the film for your community, organization, or university, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Contact if you have any questions.

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The Response is an award-winning documentary and podcast series exploring how communities are building collective resilience in the wake of disasters with host Tom Llewellyn.

The Response: Building Collective Resilience in the Wake of Disasters

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