Someone shared.

“It can make a difference between life and death.” These words are from a woman who was a recipient of a generous donation.

The Need

The need is immense and requires sharing something quite personal. Blood. The American Red Cross, a nonprofit organization, wants us to know about a need. For each pint of blood donated, up to six lives can be saved. The recipients of blood transfusions are accident victims or people with serious illnesses. Donors may never know who they impact. Yet, donors can know that blood donations save lives.

Blood can’t be manufactured. That’s why the need is vital.

"Whoever it was, who donated the blood, is amazing. I just want to say thank you.” These words are from a mother whose baby son is alive because of a blood transfusion.

The Reality

The American Red Cross cites that one of the main reasons that people don’t donate blood is because they have, “Never thought about it.”

About 37% of the people in the U.S. are eligible to donate blood. And if you’re among the 10% of the U.S. population who donates blood, thank you.

Obviously, there’s a need beyond for blood donations beyond the U.S. borders. The Red Cross and other organizations have blood centers stationed throughout the world.

“I never thought in my wildest dreams something like that would have occurred. But it did. The blood donated to my dad gave us extra time with him.” These are the words of a daughter whose dad was in an accident.

The Drill

Donating blood is pretty painless. The maximum amount of times that a person can donate blood is about six times a year at two month intervals. Each time the entire process takes about one hour. First you’ll read an informational packet, followed by a mini physical. Next, you’ll answer some questions before you stretch out on a cushy table and donate just one pint of blood. Prior to leaving, you’ll be offered a cookie and a glass of apple juice. And you can visit with others who also donated blood.

Share the experience with a friend and donate blood together. Again and again and again…

Because some people need to receive blood more than once!

“In a one year span, I counted over 100 blood transfusions.” These words are from a parent whose daughter suffered from leukemia.

The Details

Visit to find out about the blood donation process and your eligibility.

If you’ve donated blood or if you’ve been the recipient of a blood donation and you feel like sharing your story, please comment.

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