Riding to Shareable World Domination Headquarters this morning, I twice spotted signs of a more shareable world.

As I locked up my bike on on Valencia Street (in San Francisco’s Mission district), I saw a fellow, whose name turned out to be Morgan, bringing boxes of fresh vegetables into the independent Modern Times bookstore.

Veggies in a bookstore? The answer was obvious: Modern Times is a pick-up point for community-supported agriculture, or CSA—in this case, for Eatwell Farms in Dixon, California. I love the idea of community bookstores and community-supported agriculture coming together.

Then, I went next door for coffee and breakfast at the new Borderlands Café. There I saw this sign on the tables:

A cynic might say Borderlands is simply trying to squeeze as many paying customers in as possible, and the cynic would likely be right. But I like the sentiment here—“Won’t you be my neighbor?”—and I’m always on the lookout for places where self-interest intersects with, and reinforces, the growth of a more shareable world.

Incidentally, both Borderlands Cafe and Modern Times are across the street from Amnesia, a media-free bar profiled today in by Jen Burke Anderson.

Jeremy Adam Smith


Jeremy Adam Smith

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