Update: the deadline for artist applications has been extended until Wednesday, July 10 at 11:59pm.

You’ve heard of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), right? It's where you buy a share and receive regular deliveries of fruits and veggies as they're harvested. What if that same idea was applied to art and design? Can a community help support its emerging artists by purchasing shares of works that have yet to be created? The people behind Brooklyn CSA+D say yes.

About to start its first season, Brooklyn CSA+D (which stands for Community Supported Art + Design) aims to bridge the divide between those who create art and those who appreciate art. This is how it works: Investors buy a share, or a half-share. Throughout the season, they receive, “original, unexpected and locally-produced art and design works.” Artists commit to produce new works throughout the season and art collectors get a steady stream of locally-produced work by emerging artists and designers.

According to the CSA+D website, works may include printmaking, photography, collage, table top, book art, writing, ceramics, textile, music, t-shirt, drawing, painting, calendar, lighting and more.

A full share ( 5 works) costs $500, a half-share (3 works) costs $250 and each artist receives $3000 for their work. Artists will be chosen by a jury and shares will be available to buy later this month. Applications for artists and designers are being accepted through July 8.

Visit csa-d.org for more information, to submit an application, or to get on the shareholder list. Donate to the CSA+D indiegogo campaign.



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