A staggering 40 percent of the food that’s grown and produced in the US gets thrown away. But our food waste problem isn’t limited to one industry. It starts with the farms where food is grown and trickles through every aspect of food production, retail, and consumption, down to the food in our own refrigerators that goes to waste.

Filmmakers Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin did a deep and personal dive into the issue of food waste. Motivated by the billions of dollars of good food that is wasted each year in North America, they quit grocery shopping and survived on foods that would otherwise be thrown away for six months. They documented their experience in the film, Just Eat It: a Food Waste Story.

Full of shocking images and first-person insights into the widespread food waste issue, Just Eat It looks at the fallout from our desire for cosmetically perfect produce, our “systemic obsession” with expiration dates, and North America’s increasing portion size. As one industry insider says in the film, “You wouldn’t want to know how much product we would dispose of.”

Featuring interviews with author and activist Tristram Stuart and author Jonathan Bloom, Just Eat It is now showing in theatres around the world. Find a screening near you.


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