Stuart and Cedar Anderson's Flow hive promises to revolutionize beekeeping. Credit: beefarm.ru

Stuart and Cedar Anderson have set the internet abuzz with their record-breaking Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The father-and-son team’s Flow hive, a no-muss, no-fuss beehive designed to deliver honey on tap, smashed the crowdfunding site’s previous record of just over $5 million. As of March 17—the campaign runs through April 5—the Andersons have raised more than $6.3 million.

It is easy to see why Flow has attracted 14,350 funders. The invention eliminates the need for much of the dirty work involved in honey harvesting, from smoking and cracking open the hives to filtering the honey and cleaning and reinserting the frames. Flow’s patented frames instead connect directly to external taps, making filling your honey jar as easy as turning a handle. And the human beekeeper is not the only one whose life is made easier by Flow; the device minimizes disruptions to the bees themselves, making for a healthier, potentially more productive colony.

The Andersons, who plan to use their Indiegogo earnings to begin manufacturing Flow hives on a large scale, say they hope their invention will help raise awareness of the threats faced by honeybees and grow the worldwide community of backyard beekeepers. That would be a sweet outcome, indeed.

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