“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  ― Pablo Picasso

While not as essential as food and shelter, art fulfills an important purpose in our lives. Art, especially the visual kind, is a manifestation of emotion, beauty, and the creative dreams that linger inside each of us, just waiting to be let out.

Whether it's a concert poster, sculpture, or watercolor painting, art helps us create beautiful environments in which to live and work. Most people don't realize what an impact their surroundings have on their mood and productivity. While the particular type and style of art that creates positive ambiance in your home or office is a personal preference, once thing's for sure: sterile, empty walls never did anyone any good.

Filling this void is the goal of a new collaborative consumption service that launched recently in the San Francisco Bay area. Aptly named "Getartup", this company is an art subscription service that helps cover empty walls while also increasing awareness of local artists.

'Fishing the Sky 1' by Yasuyoshi Sakamoto

Getartup's web-based marketplace allows users to browse a diverse gallery of contemporary art work just as they would a retail site. It can even be sorted by size, type, or color of art. Just a quick glance at the gallery reveals a wide selection, from abstract paintings to mixed media pieces and photography.

Clicking on a certain piece of art reveals the cost of renting it for a month, or buying it outright. All subscription plans include insurance so the art is protected from general damage (although not from theft) while in your possession. If you choose to rent the art, professional art handlers will delivery to your door and even hang it on the wall. Not sure what will look best? For no extra charge Getartup's curator will help you find art that is perfect for your space.

A free swap is included after 6 months of renting art on a continuous subscription and  if you fall in love with a particular rented piece, you can purchase it receiving a credit based on the length of time you have been a subscriber. 

'Baby Animal Dream' by Mary Ma

The great thing about Getartup is that it has the potential to remove a long standing barrier to the enjoyment of fine art: cost. Usually only those with lots of disposable income can enjoy an original painting on their wall, but once again we see that the sharing economy is all about access.

Getartup's sharing model means almost anyone can have a different piece of locally-created, contemporary art on their wall each month for far less than it would cost to own. Instead of having to look at art as an 'investment' that you'll have to live with for the rest of your live, Getartup allows you to live in the moment, explore new tastes or styles that are outside your comfort zone. All the while, local artists are getting paid to do somethign that they love, which bolster's the local economy as well as the art community.

I look forward to seeing this concept emulated in other cities!

Beth Buczynski


Beth Buczynski

Beth is a freelance writer and editor living in beautiful Colorado. She loves sharing so much, she wrote a book about it. "Sharing Is Good" is a practical guide

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