Peerby, the local sharing platform that helps neighbors share household items, recently raised $2.2 million over one weekend from 1,051 crowdfunders—and the campaign still has 42 days to go.

The amount, which surpasses the total venture capital dollars the startup raised previously, makes the crowd the largest shareholder group in the Dutch company. One can’t help but think that this is a big win for platform cooperatives, where users of a platform are also its owners.

The runaway success of the campaign—Peerby eclipsed its target amount of €300.000 by 669%—makes it one of the most successful international crowdfunding campaigns ever, and a Dutch crowdfunding record.

A certified B Corp, Peerby plans to expand Peerby Go, a peer-to-peer rental service that gives users access to popular household items from people nearby as well as delivery. This is a premium level of service to augment their core offering — a free goods lending and borrowing service. Crowdfunding campaign funds will be used for product development and international expansion of Peerby Go, with a focus on the UK and North America.

Currently operating in over 20 cities in Europe and the United States, Peerby offers access to $1 billion worth of products. Peerby's success in the goods sharing market and with their crowdfunder reflects the usefulness of the platform and users' confidence in Peerby's service. As one Peerby member and crowdfunder says:

"I invested in Peerby because I believe in the dream and in the team. We need a smarter organisation of the way we use and own items and Peerby is well equipped in finding an answer.”


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