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It's nearly that time of year again when Global Sharing Week, the largest mass engagement campaign on the sharing economy co-organized by The People Who Share and Shareable, turns the spotlight on just what sharing can achieve. 

With $4.6 trillion’s worth of idle resources in the world, even putting a fraction of that to good use would create a tangible difference. That's why this year, Global Sharing Week's theme is social impact — a topic that comes into sharp focus with the launch of the Share-a-Suitcase campaign for refugee relief. It's an apt next step for Global Sharing Week, which was born in 2012 out of The People Who Share's belief that everybody should experience the benefits of sharing.

The campaign, whichis sponsored by MANGOPAY, is run in partnership with disaster relief charity, Bridge2, and logistics supplier, Parcelly, revolves around the sharing of unwanted suitcases. "We wanted to show how the sharing economy can create positive change in communities facing serious problems," says Benita Matofska, founder of The People Who Share.

Although the refugee crisis has fallen out of the news, thousands of people are still waiting in temporary accommodation before they can move onto the next stage of their life. When the time does come to move on, a suitcase is much more than just somewhere to put their few worldly belongings. It is a symbol of hope.

Get involved in the Share-a-Suitcase campaign

If you have an unloved, large suitcase with wheels that you're happy to share, you could bring hope and relief to people who've fallen on hard times. The aim is to collect 1,000 suitcases and fill them with items that refugees need. These will then be shipped to northern Greece, where our charity partner, Bridge2 will distribute them.

Here are some handy guidelines to help you get involved.


  • Large suitcases with wheels

  • Backpacks for kids

Donations with which to fill suitcases:

  • Women's leggings 

  • Sandals for men, women, and children

  • Flip flops all sizes up to 46(EU)/11(UK)/12 US

  • Men's sweatpants/joggers 

  • Men's white vests/sleeveless shirts

  • Women's scarves. Large oblong, plain and patterned

  • Face cream

  • Sun block

  • Women's handbags

  • Belts for men

  • Belts for women

  • Shorts 

  • Children's coloring books and colours

  • Arabic books

  • Arabic films (DVDs) 

The campaign will be launching in London, at Somerset House, on June 5, 2017. If you're in town and would like to be a part of the inaugural celebrations, tickets are still available. Simply email to reserve yours.

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