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Top Image: Disco Soupe in Paris.

100 million people… five continents… 300+ partners… Last year’s Global Sharing Day saw millions around the world celebrating and discovering the Sharing Economy! It was such a success that this year it’s become… Global Sharing WEEK! And, with just one week to go, we’ve put together a list of the five most awesome ways to be part of it.

Here are our top picks:

  1. Pop Up Share: A fun, free and easy way to celebrate Global Sharing Week — minimal planning required. Just pick a scenic public spot (e.g. a local park) and ask friends to bring along food, drink, and a picnic blanket to share. Put the picnic blankets together with food and drink in the middle, and start sharing.

  2. Share Table: This is one of our favourites. With over $5.3 trillion worth of unused goods in our homes, we all have stuff that we just don’t need. Setting up a Share Table is easy — just find someone to host, or meet in a park, and ask people to bring stuff they no longer need to put on the Share Table where they can find things they do need. It’s so simple and a win-win for all. Here’s some more info on how to run a successful Share Table.

  3. Disco Soupe: Why not organise your very own Disco Soupe? Ask friends and family to bring spare vegetables and food to cook, bring some music along, and share the results. Let the crowd create the menu from the shared supplies and join the sharing disco. Check out these tips on how to enjoy the best Disco Soupe ever.

  4. World’s Sexiest Clothes Swap: We all have gorgeous threads in our closets that never see the light of day — well time for them to have a new life. Find someone to host and have a sexy theme (e.g. Big Night Out or Vintage Glamour). Ask friends to bring laundered clothes in good quality that fit the theme. Here’s a guide to help you run a successful clothes swap.

  5. Get Netwalking: We know walking is good for your health, but it’s also good for your social life. Organise a Netwalking event where you can not only share the stunning scenery but find new connections. Simply plot out a good walk (two hours long and not too strenuous but with great views), invite people to join you at a specific time and place (the rules are that you walk along with people that you don’t know), make new friends, and discover new places.

Pop Up Share Global Sharing Day, Amsterdam 2013. by Konnektid and Peerby.

You can find and register your Global Sharing Week events on our world map where you’ll find dozens of sharing events across the world.

Global Sharing Week was founded by The People Who Share, a not-for-profit campaign to build a sharing economy. The Global Sharing Week network has over 300 partners around the world (including Shareable) and reaches over 120 million people on all continents.

You can find more information on the Global Sharing Week page. Regardless of how  you celebrate, be sure to take plenty of photos and share them using the hashtag #GlobalSharingWeek.

It’s going to be massive!




Benita Matofska is Founder and Chief Sharer of The People Who Share, a global campaign to build a Sharing Economy and the pioneers behind Global

Things I share: I like to share food (and recipes), clothes (I LOVE clothes swapping), house swapping (a great family passion), music, ideas, and family adventures...