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Global Sharing Week is back, and this year it's more ambitious than ever. This annual event, which runs from June 3-10, is the largest mass engagement campaign centered around the true sharing economy. It is co-organized by The People Who Share and Shareable. Every year it turns the spotlight on the power and impact of sharing resources. It's an opportunity for people around the world to host big and small sharing events. If you need some inspiration, explore some fun and simple ways you can participate. Registration is now open — so make sure you list your event on the global map at And remember to shout about it using the hashtags #GlobalSharingWeek and #SharingEconomy!

The event officially launched on May 15 from London's House of Commons, and was hosted by member of parliament, Caroline Lucas. This year's theme is the social impact of sharing. We hope to highlight and promote intiatives like Global Sharing Week's partner, FareShare, which diverted good food from going to landfills and delivered over 36 million meals to people living in poverty, last year. Organizations like Beam, a crowdfunding website, that helps homeless people get training and employment. 

Everywhere you look, pockets of sharing are creating hope for a better world. What if sharing was done on a massive scale? This is the premise behind the flagship campaign, the Flame of Hope, run in partnership with independent development agency, Oi Polloi. It revolves around the kind of sharing we all do everyday. This is a teaser trailer for a sharing economy-based Olympics for innovation, the Homeric Games. It invites everyone to unite in the sharing of a virtual flame. To become a torchbearer in their own right. It's a powerful symbolic gesture that puts the simple, human act of sharing in the spotlight. Keep your eyes peeled on The People Who Share's Twitter and Facebook pages for the film.

This year also sees the release of a song, titled "Why Share?" written especially for Global Sharing Week by the talented 15 year-old singer songwriter, Rifka Ravenna. It tells of the importance of sharing and its potential impact on people's lives. Have a listen to the beautiful melody

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The People Who Share is a social enterprise that helps people and companies discover and access the Sharing Economy. Our mission is to mainstream the Sharing Economy worldwide.

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