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Have our articles inspired you to share more, but you haven’t known what to do next? Are you already integrating sharing into your everyday life but want to do and experience more? Or, have you become a rockstar shareablista and are now looking for new ways to encourage your friends and family to join you?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this ‘Shareable Guide to Sharing’ might be just what you need! A collection of insightful how-to articles written by sharing experts on how to share everything from skills to transportation, and much more in between, our new e-book, How To: Share, Save Money & Have Fun, features “Top 10 ways to save money by sharing”, “A guide to sharing for every season”, and 19 more unique ways to share Food, Housing, Education, Transportation, with your Family, and in your Community.

From coworking to sharing a nanny, living in housing coops to sharing an education, Shareable’s writers and staff have lived, learned, and are now sharing their knowledge so that you, too, can help society, the environment… and your wallet! In fact, Shareable's co-founder, Neal Gorenflo, managed to not only make new friends, but save $17,000 in the process during his "Year of Living Shareably" back in 2011.

How To: Share, Save Money & Have Fun won’t officially be released until next year, but we’re giving you a chance to get an advance copy with a donation of  $10 or more to our end of the year fund drive.

By making a tax deductible contribution to Shareable, you're empowering more community sharing projects, connecting more sharing activists worldwide, and engaging more writers to report on successful projects (and hence start the inspiration process all over again).

Share with Shareable, get our new e-book and keep sharing! 

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Tom Llewellyn is the interim executive director for Shareable, a nonprofit news + action hub promoting people-powered solutions for the common good. As part of his role at Shareable,

Things I share: Food, Stories, Time, Skills, Tools, Cars, Bikes, Smiles, Clothes, Music, Knowledge, Home, Land, Water, and Stone Soup!