One of the best things about freelancing is the freedom of mobility it allows. Many freelancers can work wherever there is wi-fi and a desk. As this mobile freelance community grows, so to do the methods of connecting its members to workspaces around the world.

Free Desk Here is an initiative that connects creatives with studios that can offer them free desk space. An offshoot of Open Studio Club, a platform for artists and designers to find interesting and affordable studio space, Free Desk Here fosters a spirit of collaboration by providing creatives a space to work on their own projects and by bringing fresh energy into studios. There are no strings attached; no expectations of creatives doing work for the studio. It's simply a way to bring creative people together and facilitate connections that may have gone unrealized.

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Cat Johnson is a content strategist and teacher helping community builders create strong brands. A longtime writer, marketing pro and coworking leader, Cat is the founder of Coworking Convos and