Charles Eisenstein is no stranger to Shareable. His presence on the site can be found in Mira Luna’s Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein [Interview] and Paul Davis’s Charles Eisenstein: “Occupy Love” [Video], as well as numerous other mentions to and fro. So, when Eisenstein’s TEDx Talk, “A New Story of the People,” cropped up on YouTube this week, it seemed like an obvious choice for inclusion.

In his talk, Eisenstein discusses how many people feel that the small choices they make can’t possibly make a difference in the greater world. He confesses, “Our hearts know that a more beautiful world is possible … but our minds do not know that it’s possible. … Our understanding of causality, even, doesn’t allow for a path from here to there.

“Our stories have kind of an immune system that keeps them intact as long as possible. … Things aren’t working so well anymore and it’s a lot harder to fully believe in our stories. … they are falling apart … and birthing us into a new understanding of what’s real and what’s possible and who we are. And in that new story, that logic of the heart that says that ‘Yeah, I know that this is a significant act and I know that everything I do is significant’ no longer contradicts the logic of the mind which had been the logic of separation.”

Kelly McCartney


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