In the latest episode of MakerBot TV, MakerBot co-founder Bre Pettis explains the basic principles behind open source hardware in simple and accessible terms. “When you build on open source hardware, you’re standing on the shoulders of giants, and then you’re letting other people stand on your shoulders, and then if you want you can stand on those shoulders,” Pettis says in the video. “It’s sort of a ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ Möbius strip.” This approach is built upon collaboration and sharing, and Pettis notes that the movement recaptures the basic human impulse to share.  “This is something we learn as kids, that sharing is good,” he says. “When you share something you get more back from it, but we forget this as adults. With open source hardware, we’re back to that.”

Paul M. Davis


Paul M. Davis

Paul M. Davis tells stories online and off, exploring the spaces where data, art, and civics intersect. I currently work with a number of organizations including Pivotal and

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