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Here is an inspiring five-minute video about the quest for a new post-growth economic system. Better, Not More was produced by Kontent Films for the Edge Funders Alliance, and was released recently at a conference in Baltimore. The video is a beautiful set of statements from activists around the world describing what they aspire to achieve, especially by way of commons.

The vocabularies and focus for the idea of "better, not more," obviously differ among people in one country to another. Buen vivir is the term that is more familiar to the peoples of Latin America, for example. But as the growth economy continues its assault on the planetary ecosystem, cultivating an ethic of sufficiency — and developing the policies and politics to make that real — is an urgent challenge.

EDGE Plenary Film 2015 – Better, Not More from Kontent Films on Vimeo.

David Bollier


David Bollier

David Bollier is the editor of; activist and writer about the commons; author of Silent Theft, Brand Name Bullies, and Viral Spiral, one of's best books of 2009.