Shareable launched onto the web in October 2009. But if you're new to the site, you've missed a lot! Here's our list of most popular articles, in order, as measured by pageviews:

  • "Dude, Where Our Car?" by Corbyn Hightower: Thousands of readers have been beguiled and moved by Corbyn's harrowing and authentic diary of surviving the Great Recession. (Are you going through an experience of sharing that you'd like to write about? Shoot me a note at jeremy (at)
  • "The Exterminator's Want-Ad," by Bruce Sterling: Most of the most recent articles and stories in Shareable aren't making this list simply because they haven't had as much time to be read. But we just published this Shareable Futures fiction last week, and it's already rocketed to the top of the charts — and triggered lots of debate on the web.
  • "The Book Bike," Paul M. Davis: readers seem to really like stories of bikes and of individual social entrepreneurs — this feature by one of our regular bloggers hits both bases at once.
  • "Would You Share Your Car with a Stranger?" by Kimberly Gaskins: A new wave of entrepreneurs is taking car-sharing to the next level: peer to peer. provided the first authoritative overview of this trend.
  • "How to Be a Carfree Family," by Angela and Dorea Vierling-Claassen: A fabulous nuts-and-bots introduction to living life without a car, this DIY guide was the sleeper hit of November 2009.

Runners up: "Detroit, New Frontier"; "The 15 Best Shareable Books of 2009"; "I Made an iPad Book in One Weekend (and so can you!)"; "The Psychology of Open Source Explained"; "Gadget Lust vs. Good Enough"; "The Visceral Neighborhood"; "Shareable Futures"; "How to Start a Really Really Free Market"; and "Urban Foraging."

Next: The top 10 articles picked by our editorial advisors. It's definitely not the same list!

Jeremy Adam Smith


Jeremy Adam Smith

Jeremy Adam Smith is the editor who helped launch He's the author of The Daddy Shift (Beacon Press, June 2009); co-editor of The Compassionate Instinct (W.W. Norton

Things I share: Mainly babysitting with other parents! I also share all the transportation I can, through bikes and buses and trains and carpooling.