New Economy Week: October 13-19th, 2014

On September 21, 400,000 people from all walks of life arrived in New York City for the People's Climate March. The slogan of the march was simply, “To change everything, we need everyone.”

The People’s Climate March was a powerful breakthrough, not just because practically everyone did show up, but because of the growing awareness among climate activists that we do need “to change everything.”

More and more people are connecting the dots between our warming planet and our failing economic system. As activists and journalists like Gus Speth and Naomi Klein have documented, there is a relationship between extreme concentrations of wealth and power and our inability to address environmental or social crises. To get serious about climate change, we need to get serious about changing our economic system.

At the New Economy Coalition, we're organizing with a diverse network of U.S. and Canadian groups who are bringing to life a vision for a just, democratic, and sustainable economy. We believe that building parallel and alternative institutions, in connection to social movement organizing, has the potential to transform popular conceptions of what’s possible. That's why we’re hosting the second annual New Economy Week from October 13-19th.

New Economy Week is an opportunity to spotlight the incredible work being done across the U.S. and Canada to build a new economy and to address some of the big questions we need to be asking of ourselves. From October 13-19th, we will be beating the drum for solutions by highlighting events ranging from conferences, workshops, online panels and lectures, to parties, live music, movie screenings, and of course, Map Jams. We’ll also be facilitating discussions and partnering with Yes! Magazine to publish written responses to the following five New Economy Week questions:

Monday: How can we honor and learn from the rich histories of communities building New Economy institutions on the frontlines of fights for racial, economic, environmental justice?

Tuesday: How can we catalyze public conversation about the need for systemic change and the viability of economic alternatives that put people and the planet first?

Wednesday: How can we connect and learn from successful experiments, pilot projects, and campaigns to build broad-based power and effect deep transformation at scale?

Thursday: How do we transition to a renewable economy without leaving the workers, young people, and communities most impacted by extractive industries behind?

Friday: How can we support neighborhoods, cities, towns, and regions as the fertile ground for the kind of economy we need?

We hope you’ll contribute to this conversation on social media (#NewEconomyWeek) or by hosting a discussion in person. Please join us for New Economy Week on October 13-19th to celebrate solutions and explore new ways forward. Only together can we change everything and build a new economy that works for everyone.

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Hendrix Berry


Hendrix Berry

Hendrix Berry is a recent graduate from Earlham College in Indiana where she studied Economics and was a resident farmer at Earlham’s student run Miller Farm. Hendrix’s idea of a