Impromptu Embassy House discussion while making pizza "what makes a good salon?"

You can help the coliving movement grow. The coliving survey, initiated by San Francisco Bay Area startup Open Door Development Group, aims to understand the costs, uses, and demand for coliving. And in the spirit of transparency and openness, the results will be open source. Everyone who participates will have access to the results of the data and all individual responses will remain anonymous.


To make this research useful to the entire coliving community, we need your help. If you live in a coliving house, please participate in the survey by March 7th and spread this survey far and wide to anyone who lives in a coliving house, a micro-unit or a community oriented apartment complex.

If you haven't heard the term coliving, here’s the definition according to coliving.org:

1.  Shared housing designed to support a purpose-driven life
2.  A modern, urban lifestyle that values openness, sharing, and collaboration

If that definition doesn't resonate, that’s because there are different manifestations and interpretations of coliving. That said, if your living arrrangement is close to the above definition, please take the survey. Another way to understand coliving is through the stories told by the people who live in these types of spaces.

If you’re a coliving resident, you probably already know how much coliving positively impacts people – you’re able reduce costs and live in houses with more amenities than you’d otherwise have access to while simultaneously thriving on the mutual support found in such communities.   

Personally, I’ve had many such experiences through living at the Glint, doing Startup Abroad, and most recently through co-authoring a book on the sharing economy, It’s a Shareable Life. And that’s why I’m collaborating with Open Door to complete the first coliving census ever.

Open Door wants to spread coliving to more people – after experimenting with their own coliving houses (The Embassy Network and Sandbox House), Open Door was established by Jessy Kate Schingler, Ben Provan and Jay Standish.


The Open Door survey team: Ben Provan, Jessy Kate Schingler, Jay Standish and Chelsea Rustrum 

Chelsea Rustrum


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Chelsea Rustrum is the co-author of It's a Shareable Life, a practical guide to the sharing economy, as well as a consultant, speaker, connector, and practitioner. She both lives and

Things I share: Home, car, clothes, rides, information and more.