In Portland, Oregon, there's a tiny house village that combines the best of tiny living and cohousing.

The Simply Home Community is four tiny houses tucked behind a 1450 sq. ft. house. Having the larger, traditional house gives the tiny house villagers a place to gather for social events, community meetings, and meals. Three people live in the main house which offers a bathroom, laundry, and guest bedrooms for the community. Those who live at Simply Home have the privacy of their own tiny home and the luxury of having a traditional house on-site.

The residents of the small village met through the larger tiny house community in Portland, a city that has a liberal policy about setting up tiny houses in backyards as ADUs. They spent months looking for a place to purchase. When they discovered the property, it wasn’t for sale but as Tony, one of the residents says in the following video, “We made the right offer, at the right time, to the right people.”

The result is Simply Home which boasts a community garden, shared outdoor space, fruit trees, and soon a hot tub. The house and land are owned by two Simply Home residents, but the goal is to convert to an LLC structure.

The residents founded the tiny house village because they wanted to be part of a community—to collaborate on creating a simple, functioning, sustainable space.

“I won’t say we haven’t had any disagreements ever,” says Tony, “but we deal with it. We’re all adults.”

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