This IndieGoGo campaign for the Gravity Light is also an eloquent reason why crowdfunding, with all it’s youthful troubles considered, is so important. It lets everyone fund their own skunk works to solve problems that are important to them.

Thankfully, crowdfunding is put to good use here with an inexpensive, clean, durable, elegant solution for household lighting in the developing world. Meant to replace expensive, dirty, and health threatening kerosene lamps found everywhere in Africa, the Gravity Light requires no fuel or batteries — it powers LED lamps using gravity with an ingenious mechanism reminisent of pendulum clocks. The light is to cost $10 and will pay for itself in fuel savings in three months. There’s zero running costs.

The more support they get, the more homes in Africa can be lit in a inexpensive and environmentally sound way. Pitch in today.

Neal Gorenflo


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