Top image: Pod, open source stool, by Samuel Javelle. Article cross-posted from MakingSociety.

Open source furniture design is popping up these days. Open Design means mainly two things: documentation is shared freely so that users can make their own models, furnitures are made with digital fabrication and can be reproduce in a makerspace or FabLab.

In a few words, as smartly said by the Open Design Contest initiative:

… designing and sharing products that can be made with digital fabrication. The designs are published under a Creative Commons license, so that anyone can download, use and adapt the designs, and upload derived designs again!

Take a look at more than 20 inspiring open source furnitures that you can make your own. Each design comes with a link to its online documentation.

1. Pod by Samuel Javelle

Pod, open source stool, before and after assembling

Pod has been designed by French open designer Samuel Javelle. It is a stool made of wood. Pieces are cut with a milling machine and assembled with wood screws. Documentation + Blueprint.

2. Never Ending Bench by Félix Lévêque

Never Ending Bench

The Never Ending Bench was one of the winning design of Open Design Contest Paris organized during FabLab Squared in 2011. This bench is entirely made of wood and the pieces can be added without ending. Documentation + blueprint.

3. Paraseat by Maud Eisberg

Paraseat, open source urban stool

Paraseat is made of pertinax board, a composite material of textile and resin, and foam-rubber. The two materials are glued together. This mobile seat can be used on any pole. Documentation + Blueprint.

4. Fablamp by Astrid Van Roij-Lubsen

Fablamp, open source flexible wood lamp

Designed by Waag Society member Astrid Van Rooij-Lubsen, the Fablamp is made of 4mm flexible plywood. Diameter and height can be adjust. Documentation + Blueprint.

5. Handmade Balans Chair by Yuichi Hirose

Homemade Balans Chair 

The Balans Chair is made of 18mm thick boards cut with a CNC milling machine. All the bars have to be assembled at the same time. This chair requires the help of many friends to be properly build. DocumentationBlueprint.

6. Opentap Collection by Dosuno Design

“Opentap” collection by Dosuno Design (Columbia) – Low cost furnitures to build yourself. This collection mainly uses metallic pipes and wood. No screws or adhesive required. Each design is customisable by adjusting the pipes. Documentation available here.

Dosuno Design “Opentap collection” – a set of open source furniture

Dosuno Design – Opentap chair made of pipes and tubes

7. Italic Shelf by Ronen Kadushin

Italic Shelf 

Italic is made of 24mm and 18mm plywood parts that are assembled in many ways and configurations. DetailsDocumentation.

8. Waste Bin by Astrid Lubsen

Barcelona Design Hub Waste Bin

This waste bin has been designed for and by Barcelona Design hub. It is made of waste material such as leftovers panels from the lasercutter. Panels have been picked for their graphic quality and decorated by acrylic icons. Four sides are screwed to the bottom. Documentation + Blueprint.

9. Sofa Table by Jeroen Dijkmeijer

Custom Sofa Table

Sofa Table has been designed using an online tool developed by Jeroen Dijkmeijer called iScriptDesign. You can use this customization tool to adjust the size of the table so that it fits with your own couch. The table is made of two parts: a platter and a structure. Documentation + Blueprint.

10. Scrap Adirondack Chair by Wohlman

Scrap Adirondack Chair

This rustic chair is perfect for outdoors and chilling in the garden in summer time. It is inspired from classic Canadian Adirondack or Muskoka chairs. It is made of scrap wood pieces that are cut and screwed together.Documentation. License: CC-by-NC-SA.

11. Invasion Lamp by Clement Ribé, Léo Virieu and Julie Brugier

Invasion Lamp, open source evolutive lamp

Invasion Lamp is made of laser-cut cardboard manually assembled. The lamp can take any shape and grow indefinitely. Documentation + Blueprint.

12. Sliced Lack Table by BrittLiv

Sliced Lack Table

This Sliced Lack Table is a variation from Ikea Lack table. Legs are sliced and the two long legs are screwed to the carpet for stability. It creates a surprising illusion that makes this table very special. Documentation. License: CC-by-NC-SA.

13. Wall Desk Chalk Board by Alaskantomboy

Work desk…

… or chalk board

This work desk mounted on a wall is also a secret chalk board. It transforms your work space into a playground or a brainstorming area in a minute. It is made of pine boards and attached with chains to the wall. Documentation. License: CC-by-NC-SA.

14. La Pucelle by Samuel Bernier

La Pucelle, giant match chair

La Pucelle is a giant match chair made of pine wood glued and screwed together. One of the legs is then burnt and spray-painted styrofoam eggs are added to the legs tips. Documentation. License: CC-by-NC-SA.

15. KNUFF Transformable Coffee Table by Imchaser

KNUFF transformable coffee table

KNUFF transformable coffee table from the top

KNUFF is an IKEA hack using four sets of plywood magazine files and an artist stool. All pieces are glued together using liquid nails and screwed to the stool. Documentation.

16. Rok-Bak Chair by Larry Cotton

Rok-Bak Chair

Rok-Bak Chair is an open source rocking chair. It is made of assembled plywood pieces and homemade cushions. It can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. Documentation.

17. Bookshelf Light by Berend Everdingen

Bookshelf Light

Bookshelf Light is an open source light for your bookshelf. It is made of plexiglass sheets, rubber-like material, glue and a 8W fluorescent lamp. It costs around 60euros to make in a fablab. Documentation + Blueprint.

18. Sketch Chair by Diatom Studio

Sketch Chair, generative open source chair design tool

Sketch Chair is an online tool for designing open source chairs. The generated model can then be build thanks to a CNC router, laser cutter or paper cutter. Parts can be assembled by hand. Sketch Chair + Designs library.

UPDATE – Winter 2013

19. OpenDesk Lean Range by 00

Lean Desk by 00 on

Lean Cafe Table by 00 on

OpenDesk is a design company offering open source furniture designs that can be build by yourself or by others. I interviewed the team in this article. Designs are available on

20. 555 Footstool Design by Evil Mad Scientist

Open Design 555 Footstool

By popular demand, Evil Mad Scientist released the design of its 555 Footstool. Files and instructions available here.

Open Design Resources

Open Design Contest: This initiative was launched by the Waag Society (Amsterdam) in 2009 to make designers more aware of open design and share designs with others. Since then, 4 international contests have been launches: the Netherlands in 2009, Netherlands + Belgium + Germany in 2010, Paris in 2011, and Vienna in 2012.

Open Design City: An initiative coming from Betahaus in Berlin, Germany.

Thingiverse Furnitures Category: A library of DIY furnitures project that gathers ideas from both professional designers and neat amateurs.

Make: Projects Furniture Category: A small but very well documented library of open source furniture projects.

IKEA Hackers: Hacks of IKEA furnitures


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