With Global Sharing Day on June 1st almost here, we’ve put together a list of the most awesome ways to celebrate the day that will gather millions around the world to share food, fun, smiles and stuff. This is what the shareable lifestyle is all about and we want to help everyone discover it! We’d love to see how you share the day, so please share your images with us on Twitter and use hashtags #GlobalSharingDay, #lovetoshare, and #sharingeconomy. We’re looking forward to seeing what you bring together.

1. Pop Up Beach Share or Picnic: Do you live on or near the coast? If you do, celebrate #GlobalSharingDay by gathering friends and family and head to the beach. And if you don’t live near the beach be sure to celebrate with a sharing picnic. Ask everyone to bring some food, drinks and an item they no longer need – to share with others. Don’t forget to register your event and let others know so they can join the fun too! And if you happen to be in the Czech Republic you could join their Global Sharing day picnic.

2. Pop Up Clothes Swap: We all have tons of clothes we haven’t worn in years! Why not find a nice spot in a park and ask friends to bring the stuff that’s been in the back of their closets – finding some cool pre-loved threads to swap! Take some photos and tell us what you #lovetoshare. Don’t forget to register your event and let others know so they can join the fun too! You can also join the Global Sharing Day online clothes swap. Or if you’re in Lima, Peru you can join a clothes swap here.

3. Disco Soup: Why not create a Disco Soup?! Ask friends and family to bring spare vegetables and food to cook, bring some music along, and share the results! Find out what you can cook from shared supplies and join the sharing disco! Take some photos and tell us what you #lovetoshare. Don’t forget to register your event and let others know so they can join the fun too! If you’re in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil you can join the Sharing Fest and Disco Soup here.

4. The Couch Challenge: Put an old couch out on the street and invite friends and neighbours to come and share games, stories and fun. You’ll be in great company as Couch Challenges are happening around the world from Portugal to Brazil. You can find Couch Challenges on our world events map or register your own!

5. Online Flash Share: It’s like a Flashmob but with a sharing twist! Instead of showing up to bust some moves you show up and share what you no longer need. TuShare, in Australia, is hosting the first Online Flash Share aiming to share 5,000 items over 5 days! You can set up your own Flash Share or join friends online at TuShare’s event and help them reach 5,000 shares! 

6. The Big Barter: A barter based market is where you bring items you no longer need and either swap or just share. There’s no cash allowed in this market! If you’re in the Netherlands you can join the Swap & Share in the Park in Groningen.

7. Sharing Market: Connect with your local market and set up stalls for a Share table, a skills swap & other sharing economy initiatives in your area. Show how fun and useful the Sharing Economy can be to those who have yet to discover it! If you’re in London join the Sharing Economy Market in Hackney.

8. ShareWalk: Enjoy nature or an urban landscape, just as long as you do it together! We all know how powerful walking with people can be, so set up a walk with a sharing missino and finish it with some shared food! If you’re in London, join the Sharing Walk along the Thames in London.

9. CrowdShare: Combine all of your favourite sharing activities and organize a massive CrowdShare – a large gathering for a clothes swap, skills share, Share Table, and Makers Table. Let your imagination run wild! If you are in Austria, don’t miss the ShareFest in Vienna.

10. Sharing Debate: Want some lively conversation and controversy on Global Sharing Day? Why not have your own Sharing Debate? You can register your debate here, or alternatively join the Mumbai online Sharing Economy debate, get loud in Zipcar’s Sharing Economy Hangout, or spark discussions at Seats2Share Week across the the Netherlands.

Big thanks from The People Who Share to the founding Global Sharing Day partners Shareable, Peers & Mesh Labs, and our sponsors M&S, Compare and Share & Zipcar.

Here’s to making some noise about the #sharingeconomy – and please don’t forget to Tweet and tell us what you #lovetoshare. And most importantly, how will you celebrate #GlobalSharingDay?




Benita Matofska is Founder and Chief Sharer of The People Who Share, a global campaign to build a Sharing Economy and the pioneers behind Global

Things I share: I like to share food (and recipes), clothes (I LOVE clothes swapping), house swapping (a great family passion), music, ideas, and family adventures...