As the sharing economy grows, people have gotten creative about what can be shared peer-to-peer (P2P). It's gone well beyond sharing homes and cars. We can now rent, share, borrow or swap electronics, outdoor gear, land, tools, clothing, appliances, and more.

Now, with the advent of white label solutions for peer-to-peer marketplaces like Near Me, myTurn and ShareTribe, anyone can start a sharing platform. And what can be exchanged has gotten even more diverse.

Michelle Regner, CEO of Near Me, says that demand for two-sided marketplaces is global and growing. She's often asked if Near Me supports global payment gateways and multiple languages and says it’s satisfying to answer, "Yes, in 60 countries."

“The global interest has been really eye-opening to us,” she says. “Enterprise brands and entrepreneurs from across the world are looking to build marketplaces that utilize the same technology and feature set as marketplaces in the U.S.”

Creating a thriving community is vital to a P2P marketplace. Regner says that marketplaces are often catalyzed by an existing community or domain expert that lays the groundwork. “Without a credible expert or brand with deep connections with suppliers and users,” she says, “creating a community will be a longer, but not impossible process.”

She adds that it's also necessary to understand the needs of community members and facilitate communication between them to build a thriving marketplace.

“Community is really about making people feel a sense of ownership and belonging that exceeds what you typically see in top-down marketplaces,” she says. “When your suppliers feel empowered, they will help one another succeed, generating even more success for everyone.”

To show what's possible and inspire you to start your own marketplace, we’ve rounded up the nine most interesting DIY marketplaces built with Near Me, myTurn, or ShareTribe.

1. RVwithMe (platform: Near Me)

Created by Scott Krupa, a longtime owner of RV lots, RVwithMe connects those with space to share, whether traditional RV park, farm or other land, with those looking for a more personal way to book, and experience, their getaway. RVwithMe is the Airbnb of RV lots.

2. The Quiver (platform: ShareTribe)

Longboards, shortboards, boogie boards, stand up paddleboards and more are all available to rent, on a peer-to-peer basis, from the Quiver. Described as Airbnb for surfboards, the Quiver is a good way to try before you buy, catch the waves without schlepping a board around, and maybe even meet a new surf buddy.

3. Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery (platform: myTurn)

Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery is like CSA (community supported agriculture)…but for fish. With goals of protecting oceans and improving local food systems, the platform connects local fisherman with customers. As myTurn founder Gene Homicki explains, “For the 2015 season, myTurn will be used to allow member fishermen to affordably access an ever-growing list of equipment like pressure canners, smokers and vacuum sealers.”

4. ClubsAnywhere (platform: Near Me)

As with surfboards, hauling golf clubs through airports and into and out of hotel rooms can be less than easy or fun. Rental clubs are fairly easy to find, but they’re rarely of a quality that an avid golfer would like. The solution: ClubsAnywhere, a peer-to-peer platform that connects those with quality clubs to share with those who need them. By taking this personal approach, not only are clubs shared, but connections are made and other services, such as golf lessons or hotel delivery, can be arranged.

5. Casa Guau (platform: ShareTribe)

Created by Mario Hego, a dog owner who was frustrated by how difficult it was to find good pet sitters and caretakers, Casa Guau connects dog owners with people living nearby who can take care of the dog, eliminating the need for dog hotels. The site also connects people for dog walking, grooming and more.

6. Kitchen Share (platform: myTurn)

Based in Portland, Oregon, Kitchen Share is a network of kitchen tool libraries. As stated on the website, the network is made up of people “dedicated to promoting sustainability, equity, and self-sufficiency.” In addition to providing dehydrators, canning equipment, ice-cream makers, juicers, bread makers and more, the kitchens help build community among users.

7. Reggalo (platform: Near Me)

An interesting twist on the sharing marketplace model, Reggalo is a marketplace for social good that allows changemakers to list a service that they are willing to do on a volunteer basis. Consumers can then purchase that service, with the money from the exchange going to a nonprofit of the changemaker's choosing. Services include tutoring, music instruction, business development and more. Read more.

8. Maggies Kids Market (platform: ShareTribe)

A marketplace for pre-owned children’s goods, Maggie’s Kids Market was started by a mom who was frustrated with how many children’s clothing items and toys go to waste. Seeing that Craigslist or Facebook groups weren’t great solutions for selling them or giving them away, she created her own platform to facilitate payment, shipping and more.

9. Cognitive Robotics (platform: myTurn)

Part of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Cognitive Robotics is a department that works with a wide variety of, yes, robots. They are currently using myTurn internally to facilitate the sharing of tools and other gadgetry. As Homicki says, “It’s new, small and internal so far…but robots!”


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