Weaving Reciprocity

Image Credit: Bethan Mure

In recent years, many people have begun to deeply question their relationship to work. Whether it’s the “Great Resignation” of workers leaving lower-paid jobs for better opportunities, the high profile unionization efforts at corporations like Starbucks or Amazon, or the burgeoning anti-work movement with the focus on a complete re-examination of our relationship with labor — it’s apparent that there is a palpable shift taking place among workers.

But what does better work look like? Does it just mean higher pay? More job security? A union? Perhaps a cooperatively-owned and managed workplace? What constitutes an actual good job, and what differentiates it from more conventional work?

These are the exact questions that were explored during Weaving Reciprocity: the Good Work Showcase

Co-hosted by Ownership Matters, Shareable, New America, and the Francesco Collaborative, the event, which was moderated by Kate “Sassy” Sassoon (Zebras Unite) and Mike Strode (Open Collective), showcased workers from several solidarity enterprises in order to hear their voices and get their views of their work and how it aligns with the larger solidarity economy movement.

During this 90-minute session participants heard from Arizmendi Association, ChiFresh Kitchen, Church of the Holy City, Cooperatus, and Material Return (part of Industrial Commons).

View the entire Weaving Reciprocity: the Good Work Showcase here:

Robert Raymond


Robert Raymond

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