Happy Thursday everyone! As a present, I've brought you a series of links. Be sure to share 'em forward.

  • A young woman asks: "Is it okay to run a secret free library of banned books out of my locker at a conservative Catholic high school?" The internet responds: Aww yeah.
  • How many spots of bike parking can you fit insides one car parking spot? One coffee shop (along with a talented blacksmith) found out.
  • What's the best an American could eat on food stamps? Chef Karl Wilder chronicled his efforts to figure it out at his blog Fusion on The Fly.
  • From our dear friends at The Lattice Group: A modest proposal to improve people's lives that includes getting rid of maternity leave.
  • When leading DIY site Instructables sold itself to a larger site, some users worried about whether it would stay as accessible. Well, now it's more so.
  • This article from the NY Times about 20-something college graduates being unable to find jobs isn't as bad as some of their previous coverage, but what on earth is it doing in the Style section.
  • In Detroit, extra houses are finding new occupants as squatters are settling in abandonned homes.
  • And lastly, from XLR8R, the shortest Burning Man guide you can find.



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