Apologies, our weekly links post has been haunted. We will return to regularly scheduled links about bike sharing and stuff you can build soon, but until then, enjoy Halloween:

  • Maybe it's because America is a last-minute kind of place, but Halloween is when even the most mainstream outlets jump on the DIY bandwagon. Even CNN and Seventeen have DIY costume guides.
  • From Cory Doctorrow at BoingBoing, a super creepy trick-or-treat prank based on adults' innate fear of strange children.
  • Lifehacker has gone above and beyond this season, doing a whole week of evil how-to's ranging from how to shop at Costco without a membership to how to hack your neighbors' speakers from your couch.
  • Instructables has their annual Halloween contest, so whether you have a killer haunted house or a party-winning costume, you can enter by November 7 to win some nice prizes.
  • Just as annual is the debate over sexy costumes, Hortense at Jezebel suggests getting more creative than schoolgirl with "sexy bag of microwave popcorn" or "sexy Antarctica."
  • The Students Teaching Against Racism in Society project from Ohio University produced a really effective series of ads about culturally appropriating costumes. Which seems, sadly, not to have stopped everyone.
  • And for the policy side of the holiday, Mike Konczal takes a look at what a corrupt mortgage company's costumes mocking their customers says about the industry.



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