My name is Cate Homicki, and I'm Shareable's newest board member. I emailed many of you last week asking you to donate to Shareable. Thank you to those who came through with a donation. While we've made good progress, we still need your help to transform economies around the world to truly collaborative models that serve people and the planet. I also wanted to make sure you're aware that until Nov. 16 your donations will be doubled through a dollar-for-dollar match provided by myself and another Shareable supporter.

Nelson Mandela told us that "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Shareable educates hundreds of thousands of community leaders each year. They introduce them to tangible solutions that provide sustainable access to just about every resource human communities need to thrive.

For example, after learning about a conference for founders of lending libraries through Shareable, I met with dozens of them and heard their stories. Not only are they providing affordable access to things such as tools, toys, and musical instruments in their towns, they are also building rich social networks. Members of these libraries rank the relationships they create among their most valuable experiences, while they are also saving money, reducing the environmental footprint of durable goods, and often learning new skills too. What a great way to bring community members together.

If you value this kind of impact, please give today so that Shareable can empower even more people to lead the sharing revolution.

All donations are tax-deductible and come with a host of Shareable-themed thank you gifts.

Cate Homicki
Advisory Board Member, Shareable

P.S. Another perk for donating to Shareable is that you can get a significantly discounted ticket to some great sharing events around the world. Click here to take advantage of these tickets before they are gone.

Cate Homicki


Cate Homicki

Cate Homicki, MPA, has been working in nonprofit fundraising for over 15 years and has won grants from city, county, and private foundations. Cate has started and served on the board of