During this time of year, you're probably getting fundraising appeals from many worthy nonprofits. And you may be asking, why should I donate to Shareable?

We recently reached out to a few supporters to learn why they donate. Below is what they said. If you feel similarly inspired, we invite you to join them by donating today.



"I am inspired to give to Shareable because I want to participate in building a new economic system. Our economy doesn't work for the huge majority of our citizens. It is failing us. It's critical to model that there are other choices." – Laurie Schecter




"More than ever the positive solutions-based work Shareable is known for is needed. Shareable is a great connector of people and ideas. It lifts up, inspires, educates, and  galvanizes. We are living in divisive times. Shareable is unique in its ability to face issues and challenges head on while promoting solutions that can help all communities."  – Janine Christiano




"The sharing economy represents really a paradigm shift in our way of consumption, and it is of incredible help to have examples to refer to. Support for Shareable is essential to enable it to continue excellent work." – Monica Bernardi



Please DONATE to Shareable today if you agree with Laurie, Janine, and Monica. With your help, we can continue empowering people to share for a more resilient, equitable, and joyful world.

Thank you for your support. 

Joslyn Beile
Operations Manager 



Joslyn Beile


Joslyn Beile

Joslyn Beile is a seasoned nonprofit start up pro who leads the operations, finance, human resources, data and project management functions at Shareable. She helped found her first 501c3 while

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