These two videos were created to accompany "The Unplugged," a speculative fiction published today on Shareable.

This is a message from a Shareable Future.

An electronic governance entrepreneur retires after a harrowing experience helping establish DCAR, an emergent African refugee republic that helped save millions from starvation between 2021 and 2028.

In a post-Superstruct narrative, the retiree moves to California to join The Unplugged. The Unplugged is a communitarian mass movement based on the economic philosophies of Gandhi and political science of Buckminster Fuller.

Full-blown Unplugged colonies emerged in Northern California when the minimalist and anarconomy branches of the movement realized that autonomous political zones were necessary if they were to continue on their path to freedom.

In any case, life is easier, if not spartan, in Unplugged country for this traumatized retiree.

Vinay Gupta


Vinay Gupta

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