Economies around the world have optimized for one variable: growth. On the face of it, that doesn't sound so bad, just like the amiable hamster:

That is until a hamster or economy reaches a certain size!

Note that from the perspective of resilience thinking, which Shareable explored extensively just this past Saturday at Design 4 Resilience, managing for one variable eventually leads to a dangerous fragility and a crisis prone state. I think we're there. What to do?

Besides the large collection of posts about how to share resources on tap here at Shareable, the producers of the video have some well-considered solutions. The New Economics Foundation produced the video. They have a library of amazing free research reports that offer many strategies to keep Hamsterzilla! at bay. Here's three that stand out:

  • 21 Hours – explores the social and environmental benefits of a 21 hour workweek
  • The Challenge of Co-production – about citizen co-production of public services as a solution to rising demand for services in the face of budget cuts
  • Growth Isn't Possible – you get the idea from the video

Feature image courtesy of the Inspiration Room.

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