While good bones are essential, it's how an event is fleshed out that separates the yawnfests from the unmissables. Score! –a swap event in Brooklyn that is becoming a phenomenon–has got it going.  Guest "curators" are in charge of varied sections of the event; food, drink and DJs keep the energy going, and a photographer records evidence of key Score!s.

Here's a video of last November's Score! event, attended by over 1,000–a good time, a good cause:

The next Score! is May 29 in Brooklyn; will this catch on elsewhere?  Promotion is key: the event's invite has all the relevant details (the skeleton is strong) along with info and links on what happens to the stuff that does not go home with one of the participants. A $3.00 cover is charged, and all proceeds, along with left-over stuff from the swap, go to the nonprofit Global Inheritance.  There are "host" organizations that presumably help to promote the event, and two sponsoring businesses.

How can we transform  a "regular" swap meet into an even cooler event?  It looks like planning is key: find a great space, allow for a rain date, get community and business support in promotion.  Then, consider how to make it fun, encourage interaction (i.e., refreshments), and give it heart.  Other ideas?

We see a similar, simpler concept with broader scope in Give Your Stuff Away Day…which event do you find more compelling?




Nancy Roberts is a co-founder of The Idea Hive, a team of sustainability consultants and facilitators; she holds an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise (GreenMBA.com) from Dominican University of California.