When we started Shareable just over a year ago, we had no idea what to expect. Would anyone care about sharing? Would we have enough to write about? Will we make a difference?

We didn’t know, but we were committed to finding out. 

Committed because in a world where the drumbeat of advertising and lobbying for obscenely expensive solutions to our personal and collective challenges is deafening – sharing stands out. It’s cheap, green, and anyone can do it.

Committed because we need each other more now than ever. Sharing helps us thrive in difficult times.

Committed because sharing is the obvious but overlooked answer to living together on a planet with finite resources.

Committed because no else is telling the common sense story of sharing day in and day out. 

And we’re even more committed today because this year, the mood began to shift. The deepening economic and environmental crises have people questioning the dominant story in modern society – that success is measured by how much one owns. Millions of people are now defining the good life for themselves. Many are finding that less is more. Many are finding that the more they share, the better life gets. Many are finding that freedom does not come from what they own, but from what they contribute voluntarily to the common good.   

So 2011 is time to amplify the work that won us an award from the Society of Professional Journalist, a panel at the influential SXSW conference, entry into Strahan’s prestigious science fiction anthology, and tens of thousands of month readers. 2011 is time to show that another world is not only possible, but it's already here if we care to look.

So this year we’re expanding coverage of solutions that help people share. And will begin publishing a series of how-to share e-books. We're going to call out the fake solutions being pedaled do us. And dig deeper for real solutions, ones that work for everyone and do not mortgage the future. We need your help to do this. Please click the below link to make a tax deductible contribution today.  


Your donation will help us tell the story of sharing, a story that’s unfolding about how we’re overcoming crisis together and thriving as never before. Thank you for helping to make 2010 a great year for Shareable, and here’s to more impact in 2011.


Neal Gorenflo, co-founder and publisher of Shareable, on behalf of our amazing staff and advisory board

Neal Gorenflo


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Neal Gorenflo is the executive director and co-founder of Shareable, an award-winning news, action, connection hub for the sharing transformation. An epiphany in 2004 inspired Neal to leave the

Things I share: Time with friends and family, stories, laughs, books, ideas, nature, resources, passions, my network.