The Share Or Die Storytelling Contest has been live for a week now and we’ve already received some passionate, inspiring and even beautiful stories. Here are the entries from week one:

  • Last year, Adam Greenfield got together with some neighbors and created a street festival to highlight what was great about their community. He tells the story in his video submission, "Sharing Our Streets".
  • Keith Binkly’s "Sharin'-dipity" tells a story of a complete life change. He packed it all up and took a bus trip to a new life where he now knows that “the pie grows the more we share.”
  • Jen Abrams’ sharing and Sharing relates how she discovered a new level of support from her community in a moment of crisis.
  • "Share for Life" tells how Rebecca Brian discovered a community when she began working at a coworking space and found she no longer had to do everything by herself.
  • Sharon Ede, in "How Virtual Sharing Changed My Real World Life", tells how sharing on social media led to a much bigger collaborative effort with the Post Growth Institute.
  • Lindsay Burstedt submitted "Sharing Offices, Homes and Cars, Oh My!" and how those forms of sharing have led her to feel happier and more positive about the world.
  • "Load OUT! sharing materials for creative re-use by artists", a video by Tamara Greenfield, tells how FABnyc found a new life for materials that local theaters were dumping in the garbage.
  • Will Watman offers a critique of this storytelling contest in "The Big Share". He writes about embracing our interdepedency to counter popular culture's concepts of individualism, atomism, and competition. 
  • In "Necessary Needs", Heather Villa writes how she and her family’s diminished income led to closer relationships and more generosity.
  • The title of Melina Mel P’s story, "Freecycle Network – Giving things is fun – and you also win a free space at home !!", sums it up: gifting excess stuff from her consumerist days lets her help herself and others.

As Neal Gorenflo writes, “the most important thing we can do as a [sharing] community is to tell our story together.” Take a moment to read some of the entries received so far, and leave a comment and vote for stories that inspire or delight you.

Please enter the contest by telling your story of sharing. Help push the movement forward, while earning a chance to win up to $1000 for your favorite sharing service or nonprofit.




I was Shareable's Online Community and Fundraising Director from January 2012 through January 2014.

Things I share: I don't own a car, so I share cars by using City CarShare. I have borrowed through Neighborgoods, given and received things via Craigslist, Freecycle, and Yerdle, exchanged on, and participated in the BACE Timebank.