We’ve wrapped up the eighth week of the Share Or Die Storytelling Contest, and there are only three days left to submit your story. Here are eight more great stories that we received in the past week:

  • Shira Golding Evergreen’s video, For Barter or Worse: Adventures in Sharing, talks about how she and her partner moved to Ithaca, New York to be more self sufficient and connected to others. In the process they participated in the local free school and initiated gift circles as part of a new organization called Share Tompkins.
  • Melissa Vinitsky Siig’s house was hit by a Class IV avalanche. In "Shoveled Out by Sharing", she reveals how she and her husband were rescued by their neighbors and…Facebook.
  • Sarah Choi and a friend started Share to Care SF with the simple idea of using extra cash they made from Zimride to give nutritious meals to homeless people. Read Sharing to Feed the Homeless.
  • In "Sharing My Wine Knowledge" Christina Coady overcomes her fear of teaching and offers a class on Uniiverse – and finds it to be a very rewarding experience.
  • Colette Grgic tells a story about man from Belize who changed her life and inspired her startup company, for which she used a variety of collaborative consumption platforms to make it possible, in "The Wisest Man (with Holes in His Shoes)".
  • While helping refugees on the Thai-Burma border improve their English, Kelli Mutchler discovered that her students wanted her to share with and not lecture them. She talks about the sharing that comes from swapping languages in "The Same in Any Language".
  • Lauren Wetherbee started a company called thesixosix that lets subscribers borrow clothing from a central closet. In her video (appropriately titled "thesixosix ShareorDie Video") she explains how the service works.
  • In "Let the Swapstorm begin!!!" Jennifer Doman tells how she was motivated to start a website for trading goods and services after helping a friend who didn’t have the money to fix his car but did have many resources that he could trade for car repair.

Take a moment to read the last batch of entries we received, and leave a comment and vote for stories that inspire or delight you.

There are only three days left to submit a story. So enter the contest by telling your story of sharing today! Let’s tell our story together and help push the movement forward, while earning a chance to win up to $1,000 for your favorite sharing service or nonprofit.




I was Shareable's Online Community and Fundraising Director from January 2012 through January 2014.

Things I share: I don't own a car, so I share cars by using City CarShare. I have borrowed through Neighborgoods, given and received things via Craigslist, Freecycle, and Yerdle, exchanged on, and participated in the BACE Timebank.