Born of a resolve to protect the earth and educate people about our relationship with it, Earth Day will be celebrated around the world this weekend. While park gatherings, festivals and other events are nice, the real change happens not in one-off gatherings, but in changing our lifestyles to prioritize the planet.

This Earth Day, celebrate, learn, and spread the word about conservation, reusing, composting, sustainability, recycling, sharing and all that good stuff. But don’t let that be the end of it. Let Earth Day serve as a seed for creating a lasting, positive impact in your corner of the planet. Below are some how-to’s to get the ball rolling. For more ideas, check out Shareable’s How to Share Guide.

How to Be a Car-Free Family
One of the biggest changes you can make for the planet, your health and your pocketbook is to go car-free. Making the leap to being car-free with little ones in tow, however, poses some unique challenges. Here’s some practical advice on making it work (and enjoying the ride), from parents who have been there.

Photo courtesy of Angela and Dorea Vierling-Claassen

How to Start a Crop Mob
You’ve heard of flash mobs, right? A crop mob takes the idea of a bunch of people showing up in one place to do something, and applies it to crops. With some organization, focus and lots of people power, quite a bit can be accomplished in a short time and the farm or garden will be better off for it.

Photo by Emily Millette

The Anarchist’s Guide to Seed Sharing
Did you ever think that gardening, or saving and sharing seeds would be an act of resistance? Seed sharing stations can serve as essential tools in maintaining control of what we eat, as well as bringing awareness to the growing control big business has over our food supply.

Photo courtesy of Eating in Public

How to Start a Really Really Free Market
Really Really Free Markets provide a way to get usable goods into the hands of people that can use them which diverts materials from the landfill and reduces the amount of new goods that people buy. They’re also great ways to connect with the people around you, pick up some needed items and demonstrate sharing and abundance in action.

Photo Courtesy of Really Really Free

How to Create Abundant Cities
There’s a lot of focus on creating sustainable cities these day. And do we ever need it! But in addition to cities that close the circle on waste and energy consumption, we can work to create cities of abundance, where art, music, and expression are encouraged and supported.

Photo by anoldent

How to Run a Bike Valet
Bike valets aren’t limited to festivals and farmers’ markets. You can set them up wherever there are people, bikes and a little space. Consider setting up or suggesting bike valet services for restaurants, business parks, churches or malls. They’re pretty simple to set up, they encourage bicycle infrastructure, and cyclists will rest easy knowing that their wheels are being watched.

Photo by Cat Johnson

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Have some ideas to share on making permanent change? Let us know in comments.

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