Jay Cox-Chapman at Stack Design Build in Pawtucket, Rhode Island sent me this awesome time lapse video of 32 shipping containers being upcycled into 12 incubator office/studio spaces in a neighborhood that (he says) needs it. The building will be finished in late spring/early summer 2010.

"The project embodies the shareable ethos in that it is being executed by an integrated design team–builder, architect, and developer all have a seat at the table to pool expertise," says Jay. "The site will serve as hub for creative innovation in Providence, and the containers mean that infrastructure becomes architecture." I'd say this is also shareable in its use of materials that can't be easily recycled, and brings to mind the SocialCycling project we highlighted last month. (It also reminds me of Constant's New Babylon bridge designs!) Here's the vid:

From the project's website: "Among the many green features are a well-insulated exterior with high performance windows and doors, high efficiency heat pumps for economical heating and cooling, energy recovery ventilators (ERV) to conserve energy and to provide fresh air, and low-energy light fixtures and daylight harvesting to reduce electrical usage. Optional spiral stairs to create multi-level suites of 2, 3 containers or more are available.  Green lease incentives for tenants to promote energy conservation and savings will be available."

Jeremy Adam Smith


Jeremy Adam Smith

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