To celebrate the release of the print version of Share or Die, Shareable recently held a book launch event in San Francisco in partnership with Collaborative Chats. As a fun way to engage with the theme of the evening, we invited participants to enter a “sharing confessional booth” and tell us about an experience they’ve had with sharing. We were delighted to get stories about everything from a car sharing roadtrip through Europe, to a group of friends redistributing leftover food from a farmers market to those in need, to how learning to feed oneself turned into an opportunity for connection to a new community. Check out the video then share your story with us in our Share or Die Storytelling Contest!

Milicent J


Milicent J

Milicent is an idealistic realist with a passion for learning, laughing, and building community. Her passion for empowering communities to find meaningful solutions and resilience led her to work on

Things I share: Love, life, happiness, and almost everything between.

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