Editor's note: Adam Berk, social entrepreneur and Share NY attendee, has set up a real-time, location aware photo sharing site for Share NY using his service albumpl.us. Just follow his easy instructions here and we can easily co-create a photo album of the event:

A shared photo gallery from an event about sharing. How meta is that! 

Pascal, or maybe it was Twain said… "If I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter". Well I had a TON of time to write the instructions to this incredibly simple app. So here you go, happy sharing… 

1) download the app for iPHONE or ANDROID

2) open the app at any of the ShareNY events and the app will automatically know where to send the photos

3) Check out the gallery or watch the photos post in real time if you can't make it!

Code for the album = shrbl just in case 🙂

Happy sharing!




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