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Every two years, we put out a call to you, our readers, to help us improve our solutions news coverage. It’s that time again! We want to hear from you in our reader survey.

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We heard you in 2018 when you said you use our articles for inspiration, self-improvement, and to help develop your community. We’ve kept this in mind over the last two years while producing Shareable’s The Response podcast about community-led disaster response, which is now also a free ebook and documentary film. We’ve also kept in mind your desire for more coverage of community-led change in our editorial series, The People’s COVID-19 Response, and our executive director, Neal Gorenflo’s #LocalYear series

Now, two years later, we want to hear what’s been helpful and what else you’d like to see from us. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback in our reader survey. Your input will help strengthen our work.

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Courtney Pankrat


Courtney Pankrat |

Courtney is the editorial and communications manager at Shareable. She also works as a freelance writer and is currently based out of Denver, Colorado. Her work has appeared in Shareable,