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Below are all the stories in Shareable’s anthology, Share or Die: Voices of the Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisis (reasonably priced paperback and ebook available here). Our anthology is two years in the making with most of the stories commissioned specifically for the book. The stories are largely by young adults to help young adults gain perspective on and find paths out of economic precarity.

We were fortunate to have worked with New Society, a forward-thinking publisher who is offering multiple versions of the book, including the below free version where all articles are available under a Creative Commons license (if you repost a story, just attribute Shareable and link back to the original version). Sharing the book is not only aligned with its message, but it’ll generate more social impact and sales. I hope you enjoy Share or Die. And please share this book!


Inside cover, The Post-College Flow of Misery and Pain – J. Brager

Preface – Neal Gorenflo

Foreword – Cory Doctorow

Introduction: The Get Lost Generation – Malcolm Harris


Things as Which I’ve Been Asked to Dress: Life in the Nonprofit Industrial Complex – Samantha Miller

What’s it like to work for a DC anti-war non-profit as a young woman? Lots of costumes, to start.

Unprepared: From Elite College to The Job Market – Sarah Idzik

What does the job market do to a carefully developed love of learning?

Quitter – Emi Gennis

A cartoon by Emi Gennis from our Share or Die: Youth in Recession series.

Take It And Leave It: Inside The Pack of A Modern Nomad – Nine

Opting for self-employment two years ago, Nine’s netbook is the only significant thing he’s had to buy, making it possible for me to work while traveling.

Heartbeats And Hashtags: Youth in Service – Hannah Brencher

Generation Y is (supposedly) the innovative but the impatient, the smart but the selfish. I find it easier to talk about my second indelible mark: “volunteer.”

The Janus-Faced Craigslist: Comedy, Tragedy, And Video Games – Ryan Gleason

Ryan Gleason’s tale of contending with Craigslist’s two faces while playing video games for a living.

Emergent by Design – Venessa Miemis

How Venessa Miemis found her tribe and created her own job in the midst of recession.

Organizing The Precariat – Tom Judd

What happens when you try to form a union of young precarious non-profit workers?

How to Start A Worker Co-Op – Mira Luna

In the age of unemployment, downsizing, and outsourcing, where can a poor soul find a job? Well, maybe it’s time we create our own.


Get on The Lattice – Astri Von Arbin Ahlander and Yelizavetta Kofman

How can young women (and men) have a family and a career in today’s market? We’re going to have to change the whole system. A sociological report on the work/life division, youth, and gender.


The Gen Y Guide to Collaborative Consumption – Beth Buczynski

If you’re ready to save money, pursue your passions, and reduce waste, here are ways you can jump right in.

Stranger Dinners – Arianna Davolos

The Stranger Dinners is a series of chance events. Twice a month, six strangers come together to create a collaborative meal (potluck), producing the potential for serendipitous meetings and unexpected happenings.

Eating Rich, Living Poor – Melissa Welter

Sometimes at the end of a day, all that kept me from crying was a small bowl of ice cream, the taste creamier than anything else I had tried in the years when dairy made me sick.

Flexible Lives, Flexible Relationships – Lauren Westerfield

Living with unstructured love isn’t easy. Abandoning the relationship roadmap handed down from our parents’ generation may sound liberating, but it comes with a host of uncertainties that are more than enough to drive even the happiest couple all kinds of crazy.

Who Needs An Ivory Tower? – Jenna Brager

What’s a zinester to do when then the ivory tower is locked? Find out in Jenna Brager’s graphic essay.

Detroit, Community Resilience, And The American Dream – Milicent Johnson

Milicent Johnson abandons her preconceptions and finds signs of rebirth in Detroit.

Every Guest A Host: Inside A Nomad-Base – Robino

Casarobino is a small apartment in a central neighborhood of Amsterdam that has hosted more than a thousand people over the past three years. It is, intentionally, a nomad-base.

Screening for Gold: How to Find and Keep Your Good Housemate – Annamarie Pluhar

A good housemate is someone with whom you can live comfortably. This is key—you make the agreements before you move in.

How to Build a Housing Co-Op – Mira Luna

Mira Luna offers a step-by-step primer for cooperative living.


Bad Education – Malcolm Harris

The nearly axiomatic good of a university degree in American society has allowed a higher education bubble to expand to the point of bursting.

Learning Outside the Academy – Eric Meltzer

Many people think you need permission to learn something, or that difficult things have to be learned in school. This attitude is lower among entrepreneurs than other groups.

Occupy Everything – Willie Osterweil

This entry combines three separate essays: The Park and the Protests, The Battle of Brooklyn Bridge, and Spain: The Indignant Community.

10 Ways Our World Is Becoming More Shareable – Neal Gorenflo & Jeremy Adam Smith

The quantifiable trends that are making sharing convenient, necessary, fulfilling, even profitable.

Inside back cover, A Post-Graduation Flow Chart of Limitless Potential


These essays appear in Shareable’s paperback Share or Die published by New Society, available from AmazonShare or Die is also available for Kindle, iPad, and other e-readers.

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