Update: Many of you have been asking since we first released the Share or Die ebook when we would come out with a print edition you could grab at your local bookstore (if you still have a local bookstore). When we first started the project, the answer to that question was "Uh, hadn't thought of that. Probably never." Luckily, the good folks at New Society press had the same idea, and we've been working with them to produce our print edition that's now available for preorder on Amazon.

This edition features some updated content about Occupy Wall Street as well as a new foreword from the legendary Cory Doctorow, in addition to over two-dozen essays from young writers. For now we've taken down the .pdf version to encourage people to check out the print effort, but nothing is permanent. We'll be announcing some book release events soon so stay tuned, and don't forget to preorder a copy. You can follow the Tweets about the book on #ShareOrDie.

From original post:

After months of waiting, it's finally here. Containing nearly 30 essays, cartoons, instructional how-to's, and guides from Shareable contributors, Share or Die is the first ebook of its kind. In its pages, young people tell the story of a new economy based in collaboration instead of competition, and how they're making it a reality in their lives. Part post-college guide, part ground-breaking analysis, Share or Die is a great resource for young folks or anyone attempting to understand what it means to live as part of Generation Y.




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