On the Share or Die team, we’ve been discovering the best distribution in a somewhat grasping explorative way. But it has worked out so far, and now I’m proud to announce that the full ebook is now free and online under a Creative Commons license. You can navigate the table of contents below. You can also buy the attractively designed .PDF version here and help support Shareable.


Post-College Flowchart of Misery And Pain – Jenna Brager Front Inside Cover
Editor’€™s Preface – Neal Gorenflo p.8
Forward! – Malcolm Harris p.10
The Get Lost Generation – Malcolm Harris p.12


The State of Gen Y – Jean-Yves Huwart p.18
Things as Which I Ha€™ve Been Asked to Dress: Life in The Non-Profit Industrial Complex – Sam Miller p.26
Unprepared: From Elite College to The Job Market – Sarah Idzik p.34
Quitter – Emi Gennis p.44
Take It And Leave It: Inside The Pack of A Modern Nomad – Nine p.48
Heartbeats And Hashtags: Youth in Service – Hannah Brencher p.54
The Janus-Faced Craigslist: Comedy, Tragedy, And Video Games – Ryan Gleason p.60
The Shareable Job Search – Regan Mcmahon p.68
Emergent by Design – Venessa Miemis p.72
Organizing The Precariat – Tom Judd p.78
How to Start A Worker Co-Op – Mira Luna p.86


Get on The Lattice – Astri von Arbin Ahlander and Yelizavetta Kofman p.92


The Gen Y Guide to Collaborative Consumption – Beth Buczynski p.106
Stranger Dinners – Arianna Davolos p.116
Eating Rich, Living Poor – Melissa Welter p.122
Flexible Lives, Flexible Relationships – Lauren Westerfield p.130
Who Needs An Ivory Tower? – Jenna Brager p.136
Detroit, Community Resilience, And The American Dream – Milicent Johnson p.142
Every Guest A Host: Inside A Nomad-Base – Robin p.156
Screening for Gold: How to Find and Keep Your Good Housemate – Annamarie Pluhar p.164
Generation Open – Chris Messina p.170
When Your Community Lets You Down – Corbyn Hightower p.182
How to Build A Housing Co-Op – Mira Luna p.176
Post-College Flowchart of Infinite Potential – Jenna Brager Back Inside Cover




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