Transportation is often anecdotally referred to as the gateway to collaborative consumption. Whether it's bike sharing, car sharing, or good old public transportation like trains and buses, people are more likely to be open to sharing modes of transport.

April's Collaborative Chats seeks to explore current and future trends in transportation, and what role collaborative consumption will play in addressing that future.

Join Panelists:

John Zimmer, Co-Founder and COO, Zimride
Avery Lewis, Head of Product, Getaround
Timothy Papandreou, Deputy Director, Sustainable Streets Planning, SFMTA
William Baumgardner, Associate Principal, Transportation Planning, ARUP

As they explore the following questions:

"How can collaborative consumption be used to meet today's mobility challenges? What are the greatest barriers to transportation behavior change and how can they be overcome on emerging technology platforms? How can policymakers and traditional transportation industries adapt to this shifting landscape and accelerate its adoption? "

We hope you'll join us April 19th! These events sell our quickly, so Register now!


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