Ramping up my #LocalYear activities

The middle stages of making a new compost bin from a large, discarded fish tank filter. The bottom of the bin is covered with mesh to let air in.

My last post was about finding my #LocalYear rhythm. I’ve created a daily schedule for myself to open up more time for local engagement. I’ve also started several channels for engagement over the last few months — my Cool Block project, neighborhood mutual aid, and work in our neighborhood association. The combination of these two things — more time and opportunities for engagement — has resulted in a big increase in local engagement. I took the opportunity this weekend to track my activities and interactions. Here’s a sample of local stuff I did last weekend:

  • Shared onion starts with two neighbors
  • Made a new compost bin
  • Walked the common area of our housing complex with neighbors to check the sprinklers
  • Planted onions and sunflowers in our garden
  • Sent some tips to my Cool Block group
  • Put local elections and city council meetings on my calendar
  • Joined the email list of a local city council candidate and made a donation
  • Signed up for CERT (emergency preparedness) training in the fall
  • A neighbor gave me freshly picked radishes
  • A neighbor gave my wife Andrea and me homemade masks
  • Our community garden neighbors gave us just picked fava beans
  • A neighbor walked our dog Bodhi

I’m taking note of this because it’s a big change from my former life. My life is starting to look and feel different. The change is noticeable, but it’s new and hasn’t quite solidified yet. I look forward to developing this routine further with more time, experience, and reflection.


This post is part of Neal Gorenflo’s year long experiment on living locally (#LocalYear). Follow his journey by reading the other posts in his series.

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