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Last week Shareable kicked off the Sharing Cities Network with a Sharing Cities #MapJam. From the heartland of the United States to Europe, Australia and the Arab nations, over 50 cities are gathering to map their local sharing economy as a first step to creating sharing cities from the grassroots up. Here’s what people have to say about mapping:

Budapest Map Jam, photo courtesy of OuiShare Budapest

"I think this is just an utterly phantasmic idea. Do you think it will work if I invite a million people and they all show up? Because I might invite them." John Abbe, Eugene, OR

Brussels Map Jam, photo courtesy of OuiShare Brussels

"I absolutely love the work Shareable has been doing to empower us to create "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible." I've long felt that asset mapping is immensely valuable for community development and key for creating the new economy. I'm stoked to be collaborating on this effort with all of you rock stars!" Zay Thompson, Kansas City, MO

Brainstorming for Oakland Map Jam, courtesy of Jenny Ryan

"WOW – this is absolutely incredible…All of us were completely blown away. This is such an invaluable resource." Aaron Cynic, Chicago, IL

Munich Map Jam, photo courtesy of OuiShare Munich by Foto Rainer Bartl

David Weingartner of OuiShare Munich decided to organize Hamburg and Berlin, to help map all of Germany.

View Share Denver in a larger map

"The map is a great resource for the timebank. I am starting by letting each of the listings know that they have been listed and inviting them to share and participate in the Jam project." Kent Palmer, Denver, CO

Rome Map Jam, photo courtesy of OuiShare Rome

So, why are hundreds of people doing these map jams all over the world? We can inspire more people to action by creating a collective awareness that we are already powerful and even more so when we connect.

This is where you come in. Join your local Sharing City Map Jam by RSVPing to the local host here or host one in your city if there isn't already one happening.

If a map jam in your city already happened, contact the organizer listed here and ask to add to your city's map by jamming online. Many communities will continue to host map jams after the worldwide jam. Email and we'll add you to the list of map jams.

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