Patron of the Arts, only the rich could afford such a noble cause. We ordinary folk can only back our favorite artists through consumption (buying CDs, concert tickets, etc.).

Yet, classic crowdfunding platforms have changed the game, enabling us to support our favorite artists when they ask using KickStarter, MyMajorCompany, Indiegogo, etc. And it just got easier thanks to Patreon.

From Consumer to Patron of the Arts

A few years ago, I discovered Jack Conte on the internet via Pomplamousse. He is a quirky and talented musician with refreshing imagination. He posts all of his work online for free.

The problem is that his Youtube work and live concerts are not enough to pay the bills. In May 2013, Conte launched Patreon, a collaborative patronage platform. It enables each and every one of us to back an artist we like. Instead of buying a CD or music online, I now give 1$ to Jack Conte each time his publishes one of his videos. There is a completely different feeling to being patron versuse an anonymous consumer, even if the patronage is tiny.

Listen to Jack explain how it all works. You'll love him:

As of today, we are 1108 "patrons" backing Jack. He receives $7116, 99 everytime he publishes a new piece. If I want to suspend or end my donation, or, even better, increase it, it only takes one click.

To all the creative people out there (writers, designers, musicians, singers, etc.) this might be a solution for you. You can also take part in rethinking how we finance the arts and renew your relation with your fans.

The Art of Asking

Financing the Arts is a hot topic, and the Internet is largely blamed for hurting artists' revenue. Musician Amanda Palmer has already brilliantly contributed to the debate by sharing her personal experience. She too has given free access to her music. She too dared ask her fans for help in various ways (watch her fabulous Ted Talk below).

Her first crowdfunding endeavor to finance an album aimed for $100,000 on KickStarter. Almost 25,000 people contributed to raise over ten times the goal ($1,2 million). Her explanation: she dared to ask and she nutures real relationships with her followers.

So…should we all become patrons of the arts or remain consumers?


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